Educational resources to support ALF Therapy


Patient education and Provider location

Providing access to ALF related education for the patient and parent is the goal of our patient friendly website. In addition, prospective patients and parents will have immediate and convenient access to the ALF Therapists who are dedicated to their commitment to ongoing training in a quality organization.   Highly educated and intuitive parents find comfort in researching their options before making the appointment for a consultation on ALF Therapy.  

Highly educated and motivated patients are the best advocates for their own health. ALF InterFACE Therapists strive to educate and empower those who seek their care through the resources provided on the ALF InterFACE Website.

  The convenient and marketable is easy to remember and can be linked from the provider's office website for a convenient way to support your patient as they learn more about ALF Therapy.

ALF Advocacy

As the ALF appliance is gaining popularity and momentum, it is important to allow the individual seeking care or knowledge to be able to educate themselves on the many benefits of ALF Therapy as this knowledge is not currently widely accessible.   The patient friendly website provides a very comprehensive and empowering opportunity for anyone seeking information on ALF Therapy to do as much or as little research as they feel necessary in their mission to discern which therapy and provider is a good fit for them and their family.