Encouraging team collaboration

ALF InterFACE TEAM Therapy


One of the most important foundational principles of ALF therapy is to understand the benefits of co-treatment with therapists who work in conjunction with the ALF dental provider.  Therapists are able to support the patient with their treatments, make helpful suggestions in guiding the course of therapy and ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible outcome of ALF therapy. 

Importance of Integrative Training


Many benefits of the integrative training efforts of the ALF InterFACE community, educators and providers.  The global approach to patient care is critical to understand when performing comprehensive ALF therapy

Like-minded Professionals


The treatment TEAMS developed through ALF InterFACE communities provide patient care at the highest level.  The dental team is trained to work closely with providers trained in cranial osteopathy, pediatric and general medical providers, myofunctional therapy, optimal breathing therapy, cranial nerve sequencing, chiropractic, speech pathology, nutritional consultants, occupational therapists, spiritual and mental health therapists and any other healthcare provider who recognizes the many benefits of ALF Therapy in delivering optimal patient care.

Benefits of Membership

Online teaching modules endorsed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom


To provide consistent , convenient and quality content for authentic ALF therapy education, we are developing  an online academy for ALF providers and therapists to share a common source for ALF related education.  The content will be accessible and convenient for all who choose to take advantage of the opportunity to learn ALF theory and  pearls for clinical application from its founder and creator.

Continued education credits awarded


The ALF InterFACE Academy has been awarded AGD PACE approval.  Continued education credits will be awarded for dental professionals as well as other therapists whose accrediting organizations honor AGD PACE credits.  We are also in the process of acquiring CE credits for osteopaths as well.

CE credits will be available for online courses, regional study club meetings approved through the Academy, annual InterFACE conference and hands-on certification events.

Recognition for commitment to ALF related education


As providers participate in the ALF InterFACE Academy, their accomplishments and efforts will be showcased to the public through our companion website www.alfinterface.info.  An accreditation track is also under development for those committed to dedicating their ALF education to the only organization established and endorsed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom, the innovator and developer of the ALF appliance and therapies.

Educational opportunites for patients and the public


The website for the general public to learn more about the ALF appliance and therapies will allow patients and their parents to gain valuable information on the ALF therapies and providers based on the providers biography/CV as well as having access to a comprehensive list of the educational efforts taken by the provider as sponsored by the ALF InterFACE Academy and Dr. Nordstrom. The site www.alfinterface.info is an invaluable asset to the ALF InterFACE community as it supports the patient and provider in connecting with authentic ALF information and the providers committed to the teachings.

Creating unity for our community of like-minded professionals


As an elite group of highly educated and devoted practitioners of varied professions, it is important to have a unified message and goal as we challenge the paradigm of traditional orthodontics and system based healthcare.  By creating an environment of community and synergy, we can also communicate through the community blog and monthly Midliners Study Club webinars to  continue our journey in helping ourselves and our patients.

Providing access to hands-on events to ensure a quality education


The process of creating a new educational opportunity will provide us with options for developing the hands-on courses to supplement the online training.  Certification will be possible after meeting the requirements of the lecture portion of the training and completing the hands-on requiretments to demonstrate proficiency in your chosen educational track in the ALF InterFACE Academy.

Options and opportunities

Learn at your own pace

Take courses whenever is convenient for you in the comfort of your home.  Once a course or track is purchased, you can view the videos as many times as you would like.  You will receive both continued education and accreditation track credits after passing the post course exam.  In addition, your achievement will be viewable on the alfinterface.info website link so your current and  prospective patients can be aware of your commitment to Comprehensive ALF InterFACE education.

Mentorship and hands-on course opportunities will be available for those who complete accreditation requirements through the online ALF InrerFACE Academy

Membership Privileges and Online Course Access

Only Academy members will have unrestricted log in access to the online courses and modules.  Affiliate members will be notified of courses that will be made available to them and provided with a temporary password for the affiliate level courses.  However, they will not receive CE credit or have courses count toward accreditation awards. Basic members will also have access to complimentary courses but have access on a first come first served basis (after Academy and Affiliate members have registered) for courses offered with a limit in maximum capacity.

Midliners Study Club

The Midliners Study Club will utilize the online university in viewing the pre-recorded content that will be available for discussion during our scheduled meeting times.  After viewing the meeting recording, a link will be provided to GoToMeeting for the live discussion.  After the group discussion, another link will link you to the post course quiz to receive both continued education and accreditation credits if eligible with an Academy level membership.

About Us

InterFACE 2019

We welcome you to join us at our annual ALF InterFACE Conference to unite our community and expand our horizons in co-creating opportunities for our providers and patients