October Midliners Study Club 10/14/2019

October 2019 Midliners Meeting- Self Study!

 Hello all!

If you are a member of the AIA at the Academy level membership you should have gotten your invite to the  October ALF InterFACE Midliners Study Group Meeting.  Darick has put together a presentation to address some of the concerns regarding the role of evidence based research and how we as ALF doctors and therapists utilize that information to guide our clinical decisions.    

I encourage everyone to attend the meeting tomorrow evening Monday October 14th at 8PM CST as we learn from our leader and bring unity to our community.

In preparation for the discussion, Darick has asked us to read the following article where the German health insurance companies may no longer pay for dental braces after a remarkable government report found that there is no proof that they work.  It's a quick read but it's a "long story".  

I look forward to our discussion tomorrow evening!  Please don't forget to mute yourselves and sign in to the chat box upon entering the meeting and unmute when Darick opens the discussion to the group.  If you need help logging into Digital Chalk please reach out to Jamie prior to 2pm CST.

If you are not currently registered as an Academy level member and would like to a study club meeting, please email us at for information on how to join the meeting.  (the number of additional participants  that are invited to attend will be based on  availability- thus we highly recommend you join the AIA at the Academy Level Membership so you do not miss out! )