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The GEMPRO measures parafunctional EMG activity, oxygen saturation, body position and snore sounds. Knowing the relationships between clenching/grinding, snoring, sleep position and oxygen desaturation levels enables the dentist to build a correct treatment plan. Minimizing parafunctional EMG activity can save $1000’s in warranty work and hours of chair time. Screening patients for Bruxism may save the patient’s smile before permanent tooth wear occurs.

Snoring is not a medical condition so dentists are free to help their patients with this complaint.  The GEMPro offers all the channels needed to professionally distinguish patients who snore vs. those who have an underlying airway issue.  "Measure and Know" your patients so you can treat them appropriately.

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SleepImage offers the only FDA-cleared unit of measure for sleep quality, the Sleep Quality Index (SQI) which is a measure of sleep health on a scale of 0 – 100, is easily understood by the patient to help track sleep quality and sleep pathology.   SleepImage offers a clinically validated and FDA-cleared tool to easily identify and evaluate sleep disorders that may be used to inform or drive clinical management (aid diagnostic decisions).   SleepImage offers an intuitive presentation of single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) data that is uploaded to a secure cloud-based service where it is automatically analyzed and presented immediately with a “decision-assist” tool to help identify and phenotype sleep disorders. 

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